Investment Team

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Ben Yu

Founding Partner

  • 5+ years of blockchain investment
  • 10+ years experiences in real estate
  • Chairman of E9E Crypto Hedge Fund with 10k bitcoins under management
  • Chair of one of the largest family funds in China

Jinsu Shi

Founding Partner

  • Angel Investor, Serial Entrepreneur
  • Founder of BTC.VC
  • OTC of Bitcoin Transactions since 2013
  • Portfolio:BTC, ETH, NEO, AE, CAT, GVT, CMT
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Guy Guan


  • Graduated from University of Southern California
  • Lifelong member of Zhisland
  • 5+ years of venture capital investment
  • Worked for Route 66 Ventures, AI List, Co-Power Capital
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Robert Chan


  • Graduated from University of London
  • Invested in crypto since 2012
  • Founder of dAPP game—Panda Fun
  • 5+ years of primary and secondary markets investments.

Operations & Marketing Team


Christine Jiang

  • Graduated from UC, Davis
  • Live and based in Palo Alto, USA
  • An experienced marketing expert and social media opinion leader. 
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Huijun Chen

  • Alumn of University of Southern California
  • Angel Investor
  • Uber
  • Elysium VC


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Vincent Xiao

  • Live and based in Boston, USA
  • MS in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins
  • BS in EE from University of Southern California
  • An expert in AI and Blockchain

Frank Wu

  • Veteran Developers
  • Core Member of EOS Developer Community
  • Lead of Pandafun

Our Advisors

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Tim Zhou

  • Founder of AI List, a venture capital firm
  • Over 30 years of investment
  • Former Managing director of China Renaissance Capital;
  • Former director of Donghai Securities
  • Live and based in San Francisco , USA
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Juzhou Chen

  • Partner at Alphacoin Fund
  • Founder of FinLab
  • Early Crypto Adopter
  • Portfolio:Thunder, IOST, NADA, Cortex, HashWorld…
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Eric Ly

  • Founder of Hub Token
  • Founding CTO of LinkedIn
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Shuyao Kong

  • BS from Smith College
  • Harvard University MBA candidate
  • Currently a blockchain consulting manager at Consensys
  • Former IT consultant at IBM